Karen Owner/Trainer/Nutrition Coach

Karen is the owner and personal trainer/nutrition coach of My Fitness Answer. Karen has been involved in fitness most of her life and has been training with me and clients for 8 years.

She was her husbands coach for the last 7 years in Masters Track and Field. She did an awesome job conditioning him to the point of him placing 2nd in the 200 meters, 3rd in the 60 meters and 5th in the long jump in the 2019 National Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships. Her husband says “She is one of best fitness trainers I have ever trained me.

Our Trainers

One of our trainers is a Nationally ranked Masters sprinter, runner up in Mr. Ohio Bodybuilding Championships, an Air Force Veteran and a Certified Physical Fitness Specialist with 23 years experience at My Fitness Answer. We have helped along with our other personal trainers many individuals improve their quality life from injuries, muscle weakness, core training and flexibility. We have trained many athletes in many sports to increase their speed, agility, flexibility, strength and power. We have experience in training along with our other fitness trainers people that are physically challenged such as brain disorders, Cerebral palsy, Muscular dystrophy, Fibromyalgia…

Dr Kenneth Cooper and Steve

This is a picture of Dr Kenneth Cooper (Father of Aerobics) and Steve when Steve took his training as a Physical Fitness Specialist 23 plus years ago. Since then Steve has trained many fitness trainers and athletes that have become State and national champions in both high school and college and some professional athletes also. Steve has also conditioned hundreds clients to pass the police, fire department and military fitness test for entry in those fields which have tried other personal trainers without success.